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„People hands pulling rope“ – www.deposithphotos.com #112304034 – © belchonock

Services: „New project“ – www.deposithphotos.com #11311945 – © pressmaster
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Start-Up Support: „Newton cradle 3d“ – www.deposithphotos.com #2614594 – © jukai5
Crisis Management: „Negative graph“ – www.deposithphotos.com #8124060 – © viki2win
Interim Management: „Stern businessman looking down at his staff“ – www.deposithphotos.com #39198751 – © Wavebreakmedia
Restructuring: „Flowchart with empty boxes shows business structure“ – www.deposithphotos.com #96113392 – © albertyurolaits
Insolvency/Production: „Business partners with touchpad“ – www.deposithphotos.com #24192153 – © pressmaster
Logistics-Quality Problems: „Manouvering container ship“ – www.deposithphotos.com #2079305 – © Corepics
Tool Construction/Follow-Up: „Worker operating CNC machine center“ – www.deposithphotos.com #21718165 – © kalinovsky

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